6 Tips for Parents on Biking and Helmet Safety

One of the most common outdoor activities for kids is riding their bikes. It is great because it allows them to get some exercise and some fresh air. We want our kids to have the best time playing but also be the safest the can be. We put together good tips do to or talk about with your kids before their next bike ride. 

Kids should wear a helmet at all times. Even if they want to take a quick ride around the neighborhood. That helmet is to protect your kiddos head from brain injuries in case something drastic does happen.

Make sure the helmet fits properly. A helmet should fit snuggly around your child's head and the strap should be tight enough that the helmet can't move around. Double check that the strap is securely fastened too.

Check their clothes. Having your kids wear bright colors while riding can help drivers on the road or in your neighborhood spot your child easier. Check that there is not anything that will get tangled up in the gears or wheel and make sure those shoe laces are tied tight.

Adjust their bike. Every so often check that their bike is adjusted properly to their size. The handlebar should be level with their seat and they should be able to bend their knees slightly when fully extended. 

Be on the same page on where they can ride. Tell your kids how far they can go and where they can bike too. Do you want them riding on the sidewalk or the road? Set the expectations with them.

Teach your kiddo the proper hand signals. If it is okay they ride on the road, go over the hand signals to use when riding a bike. It is important for others on the road to know which way they are intending to go. Using proper hand signals can prevent confusion with other drivers and also prevent possible accidents.

Now go out and make sure your little ones have the best safest ride possible. me4kidz™ offers the largest array of kid-friendly healthcare solutions on the market today. We like to keep it simple to cleaning it, fixing it, and getting back to play time! To view the fun kid-friendly products we offer click here.

Kelsey Glynn is a blogger and owner of Social Graces, a business to support others in their social media needs. She is a contributing blog writer for East Valley Moms Blog, a social media content creator, and an avid photo taker. You can catch her adventuring around AZ and living the mom life on Instagram.

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Prepare for Summertime Safety - First Aid Must-Haves

The schools out for the summer! You know what they means, more playtime for the kiddos and more bruises and scrapes coming your way to take care. Falling from playground equipment or a crash while riding their bike, summer is full of potential ouchies. That means it is time to get fully equipped and ready for summer.

Here are our summertime first aid MUST-HAVES:

Medibuddy First Aid Kit - This kit is perfect for on the go families and can easily fit an any diaper bag or backpack. It may be small but it has 50 items to help with and cut and scrapes. It has also antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointments to help to clean any areas before putting on one of the fun bandages. Double bonus: it has stickers to celebrate getting through any boo-boos that are guaranteed to make any kid smile. 

Cool It Buddy Reusable Cold Pack - Use this fun cold pack on anything from a hurt head, a bruised knee, a cut up elbow. It can help to soothe any owies naturally. Bring it with you when playing outside to cool off on the hot summer days. 

Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes - There are 32 fresh scented wipes in this pack. The wipes that are alcohol and sting free so no tears required. Carry these wipes with you all summer long to help clean up dirty faces, sticky hands, and scrapes too. 

Metallic Tattoo Bandages - A fun bandage that is perfect for summer. With the transparency it looks like a fashionable metallic tattoo. They come in 4 different styles and make any summertime scrapes better. 


Summertime doesn't have to be full of scrapes and ouchies, stock up on all your first aid must-haves for summer. Accidents happening, but we believe in the safety of cleaning it, fixing it, and getting back to playing! 


 Kelsey Glynn is a blogger and owner of Social Graces, a business to support others in their social media needs. She is a contributing blog writer for East Valley Moms Blog, a social media content creator, and an avid photo taker. You can catch her adventuring around AZ and living the mom life on Instagram.



Must Have Items for the Busy Mom


You're a busy mom, we understand! What mom isn't busy after all, right? Luckily, Me4Kidz is here to make your life easier, or at the very least, much more convenient. There are some things that every mom needs to be carrying around in her purse at any given time to ensure safety, beauty, or simply to be able to withstand the terrible two tantrum you know is going to break out in the middle of a packed grocery store. Alas, moms. We have you covered! Life is about to get just a little more prepared.



A Soft, Yet Strong Pack of Tissues

While very rather does your child let you get close enough to their face to wipe it - even if it is to wipe away tears, there are many other uses for tissues that the busy mom will reap the benefits of. It's important to get a small package of tissues that are not only strong but also soft to ensure that it can be tough when needed, but tender when required - and that it can fit into your latest handbag purchase. With some tissues, you'll be prepared to wipe your kids' mouths (with or without a fight), blot your lipstick, use as a last-minute bib or to blow away the common household cold when out in public.


Attack the Germs

When you're out with the kids, they're bound to touch everything and anything. Door handles, knick knacks, toilet seats, floors and who knows what else, so it is crucial for every mom to come with some sort of antibacterial department within their handbag. Fortunately, there are incredible cleansing wipes that fit right into your inside pocket, or even little sanitizer bottles that are perfect for when you know germs are taking over your child's hands. You know those hands are going to make their way to their mouths. So, attack the germs first!


Kids First Aid Kit

Bumps and bruises are inevitable and while lugging around a traditional sized first aid kit doesn't seem ideal, there are many alternatives that will make the ouchies better. There are incredibly small sized kids first aid kits that come packed with the essentials - band aids, sanitizer wipes and even stickers to make your little one feel better after they got hurt. There are also many different kinds - some cater to cuts and others cater to sport accidents or bumps and bruises. So, slip these little first aid kits into your handbag and be prepared.


Pain Reliever

There are no questions asked - every mom needs some sort of pain reliever in her purse. Whether you're fighting off a headache that was sprung on from the kids screaming, experiencing menstrual cramps, a sore neck from carrying your child around or had too many glasses of wine the night prior while watching the Bachelor with the ladies, pain reliever is a must.


Beauty Fix

Hey! Just because you're a mom doesn't mean that you don't place importance on your beauty, and plus, there are many beauty fixes that everyone needs - even your kids. This is exactly why a little travel sized beauty kit is recommended to be added into your handbag. Trim those mud-filled nails before the kids sit down for lunch while you're out on a picnic, or grind down that chipped nail that keeps catching on everything. These little things are enough to make anyone frazzled, and having a quick fix will decrease the stress... Because you don't already have enough going on, right Mom?


Even if your latest handbag purchase is too small to fit these must have items, despite them all being conveniently sized, throw them into your diaper bag or even the little one's backpack. Being prepared has never been so easy. It's time to stock up on these must have items. 


The Must Have Items in Every Kids First Aid Kit


No one goes on vacation anticipating cuts, bumps, bruises and irritating rashes, but preparing yourself with a travel first aid kit is something that you truly should never travel without. So while you're booking your travel insurance, you definitely want to think about packing in a kid’s first aid kit to treat any ouchies that are inevitable at their age while also saving yourself a trip to the doctor or even an insurance claim. Even with a quick trip to go camping for the weekend is worthy of being prepared. After all, that's what moms are for, right? Here are some must have items to add into your DIY travel first aid kit that will treat everything from poison ivy rashes, cut up knees and everything in between.  


Bandages of Sorts

You just never know when you're going to have to pull out that first aid kit, and more importantly, you never know what kind of accident or ouchie you're going to need it for. So, it is always best to be prepared with a thorough kid’s first aid that will cater to a variety of different scenarios. The first step is to add in some bandages, but not only the little ones that we wrap around our little one's finger. Your first aid kit should have all kinds of shapes and sizes of bandages, and maybe even some awesome characters and designs to get that smile back on their face once they're all bandaged up. Finger tip, butterfly bandages, square ones, large ones, and even gauze pads are a must. Get them into your kid’s first aid so that you're prepared to treat any accidents.


Clean Up on Aisle 5

You can cover as many owies as you like, but without properly cleaning them prior to doing so, you could be encouraging infection which only furthers the problem. This could even end you up in a doctor’s office so never skip over the cleaning of accidents. A sure-fire way to make sure that everything is infection free is to always have all kinds of wound cleaners in your kid’s first aid kit. Everything from cleansing wipes, wound glue, alcohol swabs and antibiotic ointment should never be forgotten.


Doctor Mom Gear

There are many common accidents that your child - or even you may have while on vacation, or even sitting at home that may require a little more action than ointment, a bandage and a kiss to make it better. Things such as splinters, large cuts and even rashes may call for a little extra TLC which is why it's vital to come prepared. Add in first aid tape, tweezers, scissors and even a tensor bandage to ensure that you can cut the gauze or pull out the splinter when needed, or even tape up a tensor bandage from a minor sprain when the metal clamps go missing - and they always do, don't they?


Extra, Extra

As a parent, you also have to be prepared for things such as bug bites, bee stings and rashes. Doing so is extremely simple. All you have to do is make sure that your kids first aid kit has some bug bite cream in it, as well as anti-itch lotion, cortisone cream, burn gel, hand sanitizer and even a heat or ice pack that gets activated by hand when you need it.


There you have it! Everything that you could ever need to fix up the common bumps, bruises and cuts is right in your nifty, DIY first aid travel kit. Of course, it'll also perfect for the times when you aren't on vacation as well. Now you just need a little zip lock bag or container, and put the items in. If you don't want to create your own, but want to ensure that you're first aid prepared, shop many of the premade kids first aid kits that can be packed in their backpack or even in your purse.

Relax, Your Kids Are Meant To Get Dirty


Germs are absolutely everywhere, and there is no way you're going to be able to keep your kids completely clean. That would never be expected and plus, kids need to play in the mud and get dirty sometimes. Despite many people being so overly concerned with germs in today's times, we aren't here to preach antibacterial-everything. It's just not realistic. Sometimes, the kids have to skip bath time before bed, and sometimes you don't rinse the pacifier once it has fallen on the ground. This is okay and completely expected from ordinary parents! Fortunately, most of this stuff won't harm your child - they're expected to get dirty! Here are some things that you just shouldn't stress over any longer.


Wipes Are Great

Washing your hands in soap and warm water is definitely the best way to rid them of any germs, but sometimes, this isn't always practical especially when you're stuck in a pinch.  Don't sweat it. Antibacterial wipes are excellent at removing almost all germs. They're much easier to use as well, grab the Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes that kill 99% of germs without a strong odor to follow.


5 Second Rule

Although a recent study did prove that the 5 second rule theory is actually false, having a cookie, bottle or pacifier come into contact with the ground usually isn't something to worry about. Of course, that does depend on the circumstances. Typically though, your child's stomach acid will be able to fight off any germs, and the floor isn't really anything to worry about. It's even believed to hold the same amount of germs as the tablet or counter top. If you are a tad concerned though, pull out those antibacterial wipes!


Bypassing Bath Time

Your children need bath time. There's no doubt about that, but bypassing it on a night where you're just too exhausted or even skipping the bath for a day isn't anything to sweat. It's actually believed that we over bathe our kids which can dry out their skin. So, unless your child is absolutely filthy and got into all kinds of mess take a big sigh of relief.  As for their teeth cleaning, get a Smile Buddy toothbrush set to make the process enjoyable for everyone. 


Wiping Faces with Your Saliva

To any non-parents, this cleaning agent might sound absurd but anyone who has a child knows that sometimes, the best option to clean your child's face is to lick your fingers and rub. Everyone does it, and while it isn't the most ideal cleaning 'solution', it isn't going to do any harm unless you're currently sick with the flu or cold. After all, your saliva does contain some antibacterial properties, and if it gets the chocolate off of their face before heading into your office's daycare, why not? Those convenient cleaning wipes would come in hand at times like these as well.


Our bodies, including your children’s', deserve more credit than what we give them. If they weren't strong enough to handle these common occurrences, everyone would be sick all of the time. So, try to relax as a parent. Sometimes, kids are just supposed to get dirty and it isn't going to harm them. For all the other times, get yourself a travel sized kid's first aid to ensure that they're covered.

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