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You're a busy mom, we understand! What mom isn't busy after all, right? Luckily, Me4Kidz is here to make your life easier, or at the very least, much more convenient. There are some things that every mom needs to be carrying around in her purse at any given time to ensure safety, beauty, or simply to be able to withstand the terrible two tantrum you know is going to break out in the middle of a packed grocery store. Alas, moms. We have you covered! Life is about to get just a little more prepared.



A Soft, Yet Strong Pack of Tissues

While very rather does your child let you get close enough to their face to wipe it - even if it is to wipe away tears, there are many other uses for tissues that the busy mom will reap the benefits of. It's important to get a small package of tissues that are not only strong but also soft to ensure that it can be tough when needed, but tender when required - and that it can fit into your latest handbag purchase. With some tissues, you'll be prepared to wipe your kids' mouths (with or without a fight), blot your lipstick, use as a last-minute bib or to blow away the common household cold when out in public.


Attack the Germs

When you're out with the kids, they're bound to touch everything and anything. Door handles, knick knacks, toilet seats, floors and who knows what else, so it is crucial for every mom to come with some sort of antibacterial department within their handbag. Fortunately, there are incredible cleansing wipes that fit right into your inside pocket, or even little sanitizer bottles that are perfect for when you know germs are taking over your child's hands. You know those hands are going to make their way to their mouths. So, attack the germs first!


Kids First Aid Kit

Bumps and bruises are inevitable and while lugging around a traditional sized first aid kit doesn't seem ideal, there are many alternatives that will make the ouchies better. There are incredibly small sized kids first aid kits that come packed with the essentials - band aids, sanitizer wipes and even stickers to make your little one feel better after they got hurt. There are also many different kinds - some cater to cuts and others cater to sport accidents or bumps and bruises. So, slip these little first aid kits into your handbag and be prepared.


Pain Reliever

There are no questions asked - every mom needs some sort of pain reliever in her purse. Whether you're fighting off a headache that was sprung on from the kids screaming, experiencing menstrual cramps, a sore neck from carrying your child around or had too many glasses of wine the night prior while watching the Bachelor with the ladies, pain reliever is a must.


Beauty Fix

Hey! Just because you're a mom doesn't mean that you don't place importance on your beauty, and plus, there are many beauty fixes that everyone needs - even your kids. This is exactly why a little travel sized beauty kit is recommended to be added into your handbag. Trim those mud-filled nails before the kids sit down for lunch while you're out on a picnic, or grind down that chipped nail that keeps catching on everything. These little things are enough to make anyone frazzled, and having a quick fix will decrease the stress... Because you don't already have enough going on, right Mom?


Even if your latest handbag purchase is too small to fit these must have items, despite them all being conveniently sized, throw them into your diaper bag or even the little one's backpack. Being prepared has never been so easy. It's time to stock up on these must have items. 


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  • Richelle Nassos

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