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A Vintage, Modern, STRONG Mom of the Month!

Being the parent of a special needs child isn't always easy, but Stephanie Wolfe from The Vintage Modern Wife Blog stays positive & ensures that BOTH of her kids never miss out on anything that life has to offer! Learn more about the me4kidz Mom of the Month here!

A Simply Darr-ling Mom of the Month!

Kendra Darr of Simply Darr-ling is our August Mom of the Month! Kendra shares her family's journey through the adoption process (that has the happiest of all happy endings) as well as some tips for anyone out there that is thinking about adopting a baby or is currently in the process of doing so.

16 Ways Moms Can Practice Self-Care

When it comes time to taking time for us, we become to feel guilty, but self-care is not self-fish. It is important to take some time to do some self-care, it will allow you to feel re-energized and rebooted. Self-care can be a number of different things to different people, but take a small amount of time each day to focus on yourself and what makes you feel good emotionally, mentally, and physically. ME4KIDZ put together great ideas for any mama to practice self-care:

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