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The temperatures are rising which makes it all the more important that we keep our kids hydrated. Also, summertime means more playtime and activity, even more reason to make sure they stayed fully hydrated. Pediatricians recommend that kids have at least 6 glasses of water per day. But, if they are more active then little ones or kids who are 88 pounds should have 5 ounces or two big gulps of water every 20 minutes, for bigger kiddos or teens, have them drink 9 ounces instead. 

Here is a guideline for how many cups of water for each age range:

  • 1-3 year-olds: 3.5 cups per day
  • 4-8 year-olds: 5 cups per day
  • 9-13 year-old girls: 6.5 cups per day
  •  9-13 year-old boys: 7 cups per day

Summer is full of fun and our kids don't want to be pulled away or stop what they are doing to drink boring old water. We are sharing our tips on how to keep your kids hydrated this summer.

Offer it with breakfast & dinner. Make it a habit to always have breakfast or and dinner with a glass of water. This way they can start the day and end the day filling up their tanks with hydration. Offer a full glass of water and when it is finished you can always reward with some yummy juice. 

Keep a small to go pack in your car. Invest in a small cooler that you can easily fill with some ice and throw some water bottles in. This is great for running around town and getting errands done. Hand your kid(s) a bottle of water on the way out the door so they know to drink it while on the way somewhere. Pro tip: throw some frozen water bottles in there too, they will keep your other water bottles cool and then there is no need for ice packs. 

Sports drinks are okay. Studies show that kids will drink flavored drinks 90% more than just plain water. Sports drinks also have electrolytes in them which will help to replenish them in their little bodies during sports or high activity during hots days. If they refuse to drink water, this is a great alternative.

Take a popsicle break. Popsicles contain high amounts of water in them and can be the perfect way to convince your kid to take a quick break. You can either make your own or buy some natural fruit bars. It will help them stay hydrated and cool down all in one. 

Buy a special reusable cup/water bottle. Kids love getting special gifts, so buy yours a fun special one for drinking water out of. They will most likely love it and be happy to use it. Extra tip - mark the cup showing when it is time for a refill, so they be excited to ask. 

Don't skip the fruit & veggies. Fruits and veggies can help with hydration and provide a excellent source of nutrients. Bring some watermelon slices or baby carrots with you as an on the go snack. Or make some delicious smoothie for the both of you as a healthy snack for at home.

Make it a game. Create a fun way to showcase how many cups of water they have drank with either a board or a tally system. When they get to the magic total number let them pick out their favorite drink or snack of their choice. 

Drink before they are thirsty. A sign of dehydration is being thirsty, so have your kiddo drink sips or big gulps of water through the day. If they don't want to take a break during an activity, have them drink at least 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after.

H20 should be easily accessible. Put their cup close to them when they are playing and not somewhere out of reach. Show them where their cup is so they know. Or make a special place just for them in the fridge that they can reach to grab a water bottle. 

Lead by example and get excited about water. Our kids look up to us and look to us to navigate their day. If they see you drinking lots of water then they will want to follow the leader and drink water too. It you make it a part of your every day life then it will become a part of theirs too. 

It is ALWAYS important to keep our kiddos hydrated but even more so when it is hot. Stay on top of it, since children can become dehydrated quicker than adults. We hope these fun tips can make it easier for help you with getting your kids to stay hydrated this summer. 

Kelsey Glynn is a blogger and owner of Social Graces, a business to support others in their social media needs. She is a contributing blog writer for East Valley Moms Blog, a social media content creator, and an avid photo taker. You can catch her adventuring around AZ and living the mom life on Instagram.

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