Relax, Your Kids Are Meant To Get Dirty



Germs are absolutely everywhere, and there is no way you're going to be able to keep your kids completely clean. That would never be expected and plus, kids need to play in the mud and get dirty sometimes. Despite many people being so overly concerned with germs in today's times, we aren't here to preach antibacterial-everything. It's just not realistic. Sometimes, the kids have to skip bath time before bed, and sometimes you don't rinse the pacifier once it has fallen on the ground. This is okay and completely expected from ordinary parents! Fortunately, most of this stuff won't harm your child - they're expected to get dirty! Here are some things that you just shouldn't stress over any longer.


Wipes Are Great

Washing your hands in soap and warm water is definitely the best way to rid them of any germs, but sometimes, this isn't always practical especially when you're stuck in a pinch.  Don't sweat it. Antibacterial wipes are excellent at removing almost all germs. They're much easier to use as well, grab the Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes that kill 99% of germs without a strong odor to follow.


5 Second Rule

Although a recent study did prove that the 5 second rule theory is actually false, having a cookie, bottle or pacifier come into contact with the ground usually isn't something to worry about. Of course, that does depend on the circumstances. Typically though, your child's stomach acid will be able to fight off any germs, and the floor isn't really anything to worry about. It's even believed to hold the same amount of germs as the tablet or counter top. If you are a tad concerned though, pull out those antibacterial wipes!


Bypassing Bath Time

Your children need bath time. There's no doubt about that, but bypassing it on a night where you're just too exhausted or even skipping the bath for a day isn't anything to sweat. It's actually believed that we over bathe our kids which can dry out their skin. So, unless your child is absolutely filthy and got into all kinds of mess take a big sigh of relief.  As for their teeth cleaning, get a Smile Buddy toothbrush set to make the process enjoyable for everyone. 


Wiping Faces with Your Saliva

To any non-parents, this cleaning agent might sound absurd but anyone who has a child knows that sometimes, the best option to clean your child's face is to lick your fingers and rub. Everyone does it, and while it isn't the most ideal cleaning 'solution', it isn't going to do any harm unless you're currently sick with the flu or cold. After all, your saliva does contain some antibacterial properties, and if it gets the chocolate off of their face before heading into your office's daycare, why not? Those convenient cleaning wipes would come in hand at times like these as well.


Our bodies, including your children’s', deserve more credit than what we give them. If they weren't strong enough to handle these common occurrences, everyone would be sick all of the time. So, try to relax as a parent. Sometimes, kids are just supposed to get dirty and it isn't going to harm them. For all the other times, get yourself a travel sized kid's first aid to ensure that they're covered.

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