The Must Have Items in Every Kids First Aid Kit



No one goes on vacation anticipating cuts, bumps, bruises and irritating rashes, but preparing yourself with a travel first aid kit is something that you truly should never travel without. So while you're booking your travel insurance, you definitely want to think about packing in a kid’s first aid kit to treat any ouchies that are inevitable at their age while also saving yourself a trip to the doctor or even an insurance claim. Even with a quick trip to go camping for the weekend is worthy of being prepared. After all, that's what moms are for, right? Here are some must have items to add into your DIY travel first aid kit that will treat everything from poison ivy rashes, cut up knees and everything in between.  


Bandages of Sorts

You just never know when you're going to have to pull out that first aid kit, and more importantly, you never know what kind of accident or ouchie you're going to need it for. So, it is always best to be prepared with a thorough kid’s first aid that will cater to a variety of different scenarios. The first step is to add in some bandages, but not only the little ones that we wrap around our little one's finger. Your first aid kit should have all kinds of shapes and sizes of bandages, and maybe even some awesome characters and designs to get that smile back on their face once they're all bandaged up. Finger tip, butterfly bandages, square ones, large ones, and even gauze pads are a must. Get them into your kid’s first aid so that you're prepared to treat any accidents.


Clean Up on Aisle 5

You can cover as many owies as you like, but without properly cleaning them prior to doing so, you could be encouraging infection which only furthers the problem. This could even end you up in a doctor’s office so never skip over the cleaning of accidents. A sure-fire way to make sure that everything is infection free is to always have all kinds of wound cleaners in your kid’s first aid kit. Everything from cleansing wipes, wound glue, alcohol swabs and antibiotic ointment should never be forgotten.


Doctor Mom Gear

There are many common accidents that your child - or even you may have while on vacation, or even sitting at home that may require a little more action than ointment, a bandage and a kiss to make it better. Things such as splinters, large cuts and even rashes may call for a little extra TLC which is why it's vital to come prepared. Add in first aid tape, tweezers, scissors and even a tensor bandage to ensure that you can cut the gauze or pull out the splinter when needed, or even tape up a tensor bandage from a minor sprain when the metal clamps go missing - and they always do, don't they?


Extra, Extra

As a parent, you also have to be prepared for things such as bug bites, bee stings and rashes. Doing so is extremely simple. All you have to do is make sure that your kids first aid kit has some bug bite cream in it, as well as anti-itch lotion, cortisone cream, burn gel, hand sanitizer and even a heat or ice pack that gets activated by hand when you need it.


There you have it! Everything that you could ever need to fix up the common bumps, bruises and cuts is right in your nifty, DIY first aid travel kit. Of course, it'll also perfect for the times when you aren't on vacation as well. Now you just need a little zip lock bag or container, and put the items in. If you don't want to create your own, but want to ensure that you're first aid prepared, shop many of the premade kids first aid kits that can be packed in their backpack or even in your purse.

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