Super Mom of The Month - September

Our Super Mom of the Month is Crin Suphalak. She has been struggling with her health since she was child and has a condition called Alpha Thalassemia Constant Spring. She requires monthly blood transfusions to keep her blood count above a 10. She was also diagnosed with PAH with a right side heart failure. She was told due to her conditions she was not able to call a baby full term or bare a child, but miracles do happen. Despite her health hardships she is an amazing mother to 6 children and considers raising them her greatest blessing. She believe that God gave her a chance to be a mother. Taking care of her children has been a struggle because of her health but she stays motivated and positive through her children who give her strength. She continues to stay positive even through her circumstance and be a shining light for her children which is she is our Septher Super Mom of the Month!
How many kids do you have?
I have 6 kids. Their ages are 21, 19, 17, 14, 3, and 3 1/2 months old. 
Tell us about your family and their story?
My family are one of those family who loves to laugh, get on each other nerves, and love each other very much. We are very adventurous, outgoing, and like to try new things. And we also don’t hold anything back when it come to feelings. We are always open to anything or anyone. We can joke around with each other and still love one another. Sometime we do a lot of things without my husband.  My husband is a very hard working person since I don’t work because of my illness. But it’s ok we try to always include him on his day off. We try to make as many memories as we can and support one another.  We are one of a kind! 
What kind of mom are you?
My kids are my first priority. Sometimes I have to play the dad role (well most of the time). I’m caring, kind, loving, protective, and sincere. I put my feelings aside to focus on their feelings. I’m very supportive and I like to be positive in any way for them. Also I love to help other people as well, that’s just the kind of person I am (not that I’m trying to brag about myself lol). 
What do you want other moms to know?
I want other moms to know that sometimes life is hard but we are strong and that we can do anything with a positive mind set. That we should embrace one another and teach our kids to be their best. We should be like a warrior and work through whatever life throws at us with love, being positive and having courage. Also that as a woman we need to set a good example for our kids. 

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