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It is time to go camping and have some fun adventures. Some of my fondest memories are camping with my family during the summer time. Now that I have a kid of my own I get worried about their safety. I did some research and put together some camp safety rules to go over with your kids before you hit the great outdoors. 

Camping safety rule #1: Always have a buddy with you. This means no walking anywhere by yourself. Bring your buddy with you or go with your buddy. 

Camping safety rule #2: Know which plants are poisonous and what they look like. If you don't know then it is best to avoid touching any plants. 

Camping safety rule #3: No food, snacks, or candies inside the tent. They can all lead dangerous animals to you. Keep your food outside in a safe place and covered up.

Camping safety rule #4: Always wear shoes. It is best to protect your feet and not walk around barefoot. You can potentially step on something that will hurt you if you don't have shoes on. 

Camping safety rule #5: Keep the campsite in your eye sight. If you can't see your campsite you have gone to far. Stay close to where other people are. Don't go exploring without telling an adult where you will be. 

Camping safety rules #6: No running/horseplay. There are too many items that kids can trip on. So it is best to limit running and horseplay inside the campsite.

Camping safety rule #7: Bring your me4kidz first aid kit with you. Me4kidz offers very easy transportable first aid kits that can fit in backpacks or tents. Bring one with you while out hiking too. 

Camping safety rules #8: Know about fire safety. It is important to learn about how to handle a campfire and the do's and don'ts of what to do. 

Kelsey Glynn is a blogger and owner of Social Graces, a business to support others in their social media needs. She is a contributing blog writer for East Valley Moms Blog, a social media content creator, and an avid photo taker. You can catch her adventuring around AZ and living the mom life on Instagram.


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