What Parents Need To Know About Fevers


It is always alarming when you feel your child's forehead and it feels a bit warmer than usual. Do they have a fever or is it your mama's brain playing tricks on you? It is hard to know when to act and what to do if your little one does have a fever. We put together what parents NEED to know about fevers and how best to proceed if your kiddo has one. 

What is considered a fever? Most doctors consider a rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher as a fever. 

When to call the doctor: call regardless of how high their temperature if they also have a seizure, or an earache, a rash, swollen glands, a severe headache, or trouble breathing. Also, call if your child has a fever that lasts more than 72 hours or more than 24 hours if your child is under age 2.

Talk to their doctor if...

  • 2 months or younger and has 100.4°F or higher, even if your baby shows no other symptoms 
  • 3 to 6 months and has 101°F or higher.
  • Over 6 months and 103°F or higher.

What thermometer is best? Rectal thermometers are best and take more accurate readings. However, digital forehead thermometer, temporal artery thermometer or ear thermometer will do the job too. 

What you can do the treat a fever?

  • Give your child medicine, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen (consult doctor for dosage amount).
  • Put a cool compress like a Cool It Buddy on their head and keep room at moderate temperature (not too hot or cold).
  • Give your child a lukewarm bath or sponge bath.
  • Have your child stay hydrated with water or have them drink drink with electrolytes.

Remember fever is not the illness. A fever is a sign that your child is fighting an infection or there is something else going on. Make sure you also treat why they might be having a fever, is it the common cold, a flu, or teething?

We hope your little ones feel better soon! Our motto at me4kidz is clean it, fix it, and get back to playing. We offer easy-to-use first aid kits for families and on the go. Check out our fun products!

Kelsey Glynn is a blogger and owner of Social Graces, a business to support others in their social media needs. She is a contributing blog writer for East Valley Moms Blog, a social media content creator, and an avid photo taker. You can catch her adventuring around AZ and living the mom life on Instagram.


Reference: www.webmd.com

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