New Year's Resolutions for Kids

The new year has already begun and many of us parents already have a long list of resolutions to tackle. But, why not make it a whole family affair. Having kids set their own resolutions is a great way for them to grow and make goals for themselves. Make it a fun activity and have them write down their 2019 resolutions and talk about why each one is important to them. Put it somewhere that they can read it often, like in the bathroom or on the fridge. 
Here are some ideas for goals to get their brains flowing:
  1. Learn new things - Sky is the limit for this one. It could be to start learning a new language, learn how to dance, learn how to cook. Or it could be small something small like learning how to tie shoes.
  2. Master big milestones - Some big milestones could be, going potty without any help, sleeping in a big-kid bed throughout the whole night, mastering how to ride a bike. 
  3. Always have fun - Keep the year positive by always coming back to this one. It reminds our little ones that they should be having fun, laughing, and just be little.
  4. Donate money or time - This is a great one to do once a year or do throughout the year. It is important to show kiddos what it means to giveback, no matter the age.
  5. Help out around the house more - This could be specifically adding one more chore to their duties or maybe it is that they will be more mindful of cleaning up after themselves. 
  6. Less screen time - Establish a goal of doing only a few hours of screen-time a week. Fill the rest with reading, playing, or being outside. It will motivate them to put the tablets or phones away and be more present.
  7. Eat healthy food - Less bad junk food and more veggies and fruit. Have a conversation around why it is important to eat healthy and what types of food give us certain nutrients. This will especially be great, if you, as the parent, are trying to eat healthy too. Get rid of the junk food and temptation in the house.
  8. Be a better listener - This one is a good communication goal. We all know little ones could use some work on this. Let them know when they are practicing good listening skills so they can learn when they are being a better listener.

We put together a fun little page that your children can fill out and write down resolutions. Right click on the photo to save and download to your computer. Print as many copies as you need! We wish you all the best in 2019!


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  • Kelsey Glynn

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