First Aid Starter Pack (385 piece kit total)

Product Description

First Aid Starter Pack - amazing offer! Stock up and be prepared at home and on the go with this comprehensive selection of first aid & health care products.  From our Original Dr. Bag designed medibag for the home, to our modern first aid pods that you can size down for travel & sports events, 2 instant non-toxic ice packs for on the go and 2 reusable ice packs for home, 2 packs of our yummy smelling antimicrobial wipes, and 2 of our classic on the go medibuddy first aid kits. You can't beat this offer. (385 piece kit total)


You will receive the following items in your first aid limited time offer:

(1) Medibag family first aid kit (117 items)

(1) Medipro first aid pod (100 items)

(2) Cool it buddy reusable ice packs

(1) 2pk Cool it buddy instant ice packs

(2) Little Buddy Wipes (64 wipes)

(2) Medibuddy first aid kits (100 items)




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